Meeting Minutes

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Deerfield Fish & Game Club monthly meeting, 11/9/17. Members present – 25.

Club president Charles Ellsworth called the meeting to order at 6:30 with the Pledge of Allegiance and a moment of silence for departed members, first responders and members of the armed forces.

Secretary Bohdan Rabarsky read the minutes of the October meeting without any objections. Motion to accept the minutes as is was made by David Corr, 2nd by Tony Gulisano and accepted by all the club members.

Treasurer's report for October was read by Melissa Schneider. Motion to accept the report as is was made by Bob Crill, 2nd by Pat Benzo and accepted by all the members.

Shawn Murphy had no Federation report for this month.

David Corr gave his Conservation Advisory report. The Hunter Safety class was held and had 11 no-shows, with 2 walkin no shows. Charlie Ellsworth spoke on the topic of class no-shows. One of the problems is with each class  we've been holding, there have been many no-shows, but the NYS DEC is still asking us to have more classes.

Range management report: Mike French will be holding one more class this year. Drainage on the rifle range worked great this year with all the torrential downpours we've had. Lockers have been installed on the pistol range. A new 25 yard specialty pistol range has been built at the end of the driveway, the berms have been built up so people using the range won't get hit by birdshot from the shotgun range. This short range will let us accomodate shooters when the pistol and rifle range are used when classes are being held.

Building & grounds: The inmates fixed the stairs going down below to the archery range, built a platform above the cellar and also did some cleaning/emptying in the spare room. They also rebuilt Mary's little bridge that she put her foot through.

Banquet committee: The installation banquet will be held Saturday January 27th 2018 at the  Club Monarch, Yorkville, NY.

Charlie talked about having a raffle to raise funds for kids to camp, something that we can start next year.

Archery committee: Brian Lange is looking for people on Saturday to help bring in the 3D targets. He's also working on repairing the 3D targets.

Brian Lange made a motion to have the club listed in the book for Mohawk Valley archery shoots in 2018. Bob Crill 2nd the motion, all the members were in favor.

Hunting club property permits were given out to 10 members. The list of members is recorded in the club records. Shooting doe with a permit is accepted. Brian made a motion to have antler restrictions while hunting on club property, the minimum would be 6 points. A discussion ensued and then a vote was taken. Members for antler restriction was 3, while a majority were opposed. The motion was voted down and there will not be an antler restriction while hunting on club property.  Brian mentioned to make sure that only members on the list are allowed to hunt on club property, those that aren't would be prosecuted for trespassing.

Bill mentioned that people were using the rifle range that aren't using their card to scan in, they're being let in by other club members. Also, members are throwing live .22 long rifle rounds into the trash bin. 

New business: Shawn Murphy read the names of officers for 2018. Melissa casted one vote to make it official.

Melissa won the 50/50, keeping $16 and donating $20 back to the club.

David Corr read a letter from a student that signed up for the hunter safety course, showed up for the class, but due to a sudden illness he had to leave. He wanted to apologize to David for leaving early and thank him.

Motion to adjorn the meeting was made by David Corr, 2nd by Dave Buono and accepted by all the members.