Firearms Instruction & Training Group of Central New York

“ Can’t go to Arizona, ?  train right here at your own club,

we do, and perform and compete with folks from Maine

to Virginia, when we attend defensive classes to recert 

our firearms credentials. Learn to shoot the target the

first time, not after 25-30 shots of practice.”


Firearms Instruction & Training Group of Central New York


[# BH-1] Basic Handgun Safety Class (for pistol license) Offered on May 18, 2019 at DFGC

The Basic Handgun Safety Course (# BH-1) for those wanting to obtain a pistol permit, will be held at the DFGC on May 18, 2019. Check 2019 calendar on website: w w w . f i t g n y . c o m for time. See course description under the PROGRAMS menu for "Armed Citizen", "FITG Courses", "Basic Handgun (Pistol license)" [course # BH-1].

Registration ends April 27.


Firearms Instruction & Training Group of Central New York 


Enrollment start date: 4/8/2019  -  -  -   Enrollment close date: 7/13/2019

Programs start on 8/04/19


We are currently accepting applications for the NYS 47-Hr. Firearms Training Course for Armed Security Guards. You may download a copy of the "Security Guard Training School Enrollment" form on the "Security Professionals" page in the PROGRAMS navigation menu. Class dates are posted in the 2019 calendar.


We are offering a new course: Consolidated Defensive Handgun Shooting (see "Programs" under "FITG Courses": #CDHS) at a reduced cost.  #CDHS provides an excellent training opportunity for those students wanting to learn defensive shooting skills, without pursuing armed security guard licensing. This is a "direct multi-level progression" defensive handgun shooting course conducted concurrently with NYS 47 hour Armed Security Guard training program. The student will be integrated with the security guard training school trainees for the duration of this course. The program incorporates a consolidation of the basic through intermediate training offered in several FITG courses, and includes classroom coverage of NYS Article 35. 
For more info, go to PROGRAMS on the navigation menu, hover over "Armed Citizen", then hover over "FITG Courses", and select the "Consolidated Defensive Handgun Shooting Course" in the drop down menu.

For more information, visit us online at:  w w w . f i t g n y . c o m

General E-mail inquiries:  i n f o @ f i t g n y . c o m

Contact US, ask to speak with Mike:  3 1 5 - 2 7 2 - 9 5 0 2