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Youth Shooting League of Deerfield



Youth Shooting League of Deerfield

Affiliated with the Deerfield Fish & Game Club



Please observe Rifle Range closed Wednesdays evenings for Youth shooting. You may use the Pistol range for Handgun and .17, 22 and rifles using pistol ammunition only. Please stay separated from the youth shooting.

Youth Shooting League of Deerfield

Affiliated with Deerfield Fish and Game Club


1) Youth League will run from June 24th  till mid September

2) Age 10 – 18 if attending High School 10 & 11 “BB and Pellet rifle only” 12 to 18 yrs old “22 rimfire rifle”

3) Must Take the NRA Rifle Course Fee: $30.00

4) NRA Rifle Class will be given as needed

5) Must Take a Range Safety Briefing

6) The League Has a Fee   Fee: $30.00

7) There will Be Weekly Dues  Fee: $10.00

A) This Covers Awards when level achieved

B) End of League BBQ

C) Ammunition provided by the Youth Shooting League8) Equipment Needed

8) 22 Rimfire Rifle any action ok ( Bolt action with a 10 shot magazine is highly recommended)

o Iron Sights only “Peep Sights Highly Recommended”

o Some type of Mat to use for various shooting positions if you don’t have one there are some available o A Shooting Shirt

o Eye Protection

o Hearing Protection

o Cleaning Kit

o Range Bag