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Youth Shooting League of Deerfield



Youth Shooting League of Deerfield

Affiliated with the Deerfield Fish & Game Club




  1. Youth Shooting League of Deerfield will run from May 8, 2019 until the end of September, weather permitting


  1. This league is open to ages 10-18 if still attending High School


  1. Ages 10-11 years - BB and Pellet Rifle ONLY


  1. Ages 12-18 years - 22 Rimfire Rifle


  1. Must take the NRA Basic Rifle Course to be held April 28, 2019

There is a Course Fee in the amount of $30.00


  1. Must take Range Safety Briefing


  1. There is a League Fee in the amount of $30.00


  1. There are Weekly Dues in the amount of $10.00

The weekly dues will cover league provided ammunition, achievement awards, and end of league BBQ


  1. Equipment needed:


  1. 22 Rimfire Rifle, any action is ok

Bolt action with a 10 shot magazine is highly recommended


  1. Iron Sights ONLY

Peep sights are highly recommended


  1. Some type of mat to use for various shooting positions


  1. A shooting shirt


  1. Eye protection


  1. Ear/hearing protection


  1. Cleaning kit